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Madoko is a fast javascript Markdown processor written in Koka It has great support to create beautiful scholarly and industrial documents in both HTML and PDF. For a full description of Madoko syntax and features, see the documentation.

Try it

The easiest way to try Madoko is on where you can write documents in the browser using shared cloud storage.

Install locally

You can install Madoko also on your computer using the node package manager:
  • Ensure you have a recent Node version (which comes with the npm program).
  • npm install -g madoko (install Madoko as a command line tool)
  • madoko (and see the command line options)
You can now translate Markdown documents to HTML as:
  • madoko -v mydoc.mdk

Build it

Madoko is written in Koka and to build it you need to install the latest Koka compiler:
  • Install Koka and build a release version of Koka. It is assumed that you clone into a directory called koka
Then get Madoko sources and build them in a peer directory called madoko:
  • hg clone (clone the Madoko sources)
  • cd madoko (go to the new Madoko directory)
  • npm install (install needed Node libraries)
  • jake (build it)

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