Madoko is a fast javascript Markdown processor written in Koka It has great support to create beautiful scholarly and industrial documents in both HTML and PDF. For a full description of Madoko syntax and features, see the documentation.

Try it

To try out Madoko, you can install it using the node package manager:
  • Ensure you have a recent Node version (which comes with the npm program).
  • npm install madoko -g (install Madoko as a command line tool)
  • madoko (and see the command line options)
You can now translate Markdown documents to HTML as:
  • madoko -v mydoc.mdk

Build it

Madoko is written in Koka and to build it you need to install the latest Koka compiler:
  • Install Koka and build a release version of Koka. It is assumed that you clone into a directory called koka
Then get Madoko sources and build them in a peer directory called madoko:
  • hg clone (clone the Madoko sources)
  • cd madoko (go to the new Madoko directory)
  • npm install (install needed Node libraries)
  • jake (build it)

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