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Additional files not included

Feb 10, 2016 at 10:20 AM
So, I thought I'd experiment a bit with Madoko to see if I want to use it or not. I create a quick github repository ( and opened the document.mdk in the online editor, but neither the images in the repository, nor the tex-file is available in the online editor. This means that compilation fails because it cannot find the files. Am I doing something wrong?
Feb 12, 2016 at 10:24 PM
Hi Alxandr,

Well, part of the Madoko philosophy is to do everything in Markdown + CSS attributes; This is how we can generate both good looking HTML and PDF. The moment you are using special TeX commands you lose some of that flexibility.

In your case, you are including a TeX header file through a Tex command \input so Madoko does not know about it. You can do this through a regular package directive but giving the .tex extensions (which will lead to a \input command in the latex backend); in your case:
Package*: tex/header.tex
(I use the star form since you don't need anything in your header for math type setting).

Secondly, in the header tex you include images through special tex commands again (like \URCornerWallPaper{0.25}{images/header}) -- and again Madoko cannot know about these images. In this case, you need to let Madoko know explicitly that the Latex output relies on some special files; you can do this through a refer directive:
Refer: images/header.png
Refer: images/footer.png
should do the trick.

Of course, in general you should try to avoid these things since they are very specific to one kind of output; for example, this is lacking from the HTML output. The goal of Madoko is to make everything expressible in Madoko directly in a high-level way. Actually, the CSS level 3 draft specification for paged media would allow us to express your example directly with CSS rules in Madoko but Madoko currently does not implement this -- mostly because the CSS standard is so rich that it is hard to replicate well in Latex :-(

Anyway, I hope this clarifies things,
-- Daan