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Table questions: .booktable, latex and multiple lines

Feb 17, 2016 at 4:11 PM
Hi, I am trying to make nice tables in a document that will end up as a PDF.

I am currently doing the following:
~ Begin TableFigure { #tab-example; caption: "Example something"; font-size: small }

~~ { font-size: medium }
| Source         | Target   |
| asdfg          | jdasklda |
| asdfg          | jdasklda |
| asdfg          | jdasklda |
| asdfg          | jdasklda |
| asdfg          | jdasklda |
{ .booktable }

~ End TableFigure
I don't seem to be getting booktables in LaTeX using this syntax, also, can I remove the line above the table caption? When placing a line/rule at the bottom of the table, the space becomes very crowded.

I was also wondering if there is some attribute I can set to make tables wrap cell contents nicely into multiline content in a cell?

Finally, is it possible to choose whether table captions are placed above or below the table?

Though I am not used to it, table captions should be placed above tables.