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Vertical table lines and missing bottom border line

Feb 9 at 8:09 PM
This is a 2 part issue, but it is all related to tables, which is why I am keeping it together.

Part 1
I am not sure how to get rid of the vertical lines circled in red in the attached screenshots.
I also and not sure why the PDF is rendering a horizontal line, also circled in red in the PDF version screenshot.

Part 2
If I don't add the blank bottom row then there is no bottom border in the HTML rendering. If I do add the bottom blank row as seen in the Madoko source for both tables, then I get the bottom border in HTML, but I get vertical drop lines in the PDF version. You can see the issues circled in green in both screenshots.

Madoko Source and HTML

PDF Output

Am I doing something wrong with table syntax?

Thank you,
-Bryan Klein