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subfigures, tikz and latex compilation


SubFigures with Tikz to Latex lead to a failure when producing a pdf :
Rendering PDF failed: error: document.mdk:28: ! Undefined control sequence.
<argument> \pgf@matrix@last@nextcell@options
A minimal reproduction is here :


nrolland wrote Feb 9 at 7:28 PM

It seems that internally tikz-cd does some unchecked substitutions, which do not happen sometimes, like when given to a macro...

The real unsubstituted separator is \pgfmatrixnextcell and Madoko can handle the substitution ..

nrolland wrote Feb 9 at 7:50 PM

it's really a latex issue.

PS : pure latex solutions work as well. not sure how one is supposed to guess which command support which options, but...
~ Begin Figure
~ Begin SubFigureRow { vertical-align: bottom ;    }
~ SubFigure  
~~ Math
\begin{tikzcd}[column sep=large, ampersand replacement=\&]  
\mathcal{B}^{op}  \arrow[r, "fibre(q)" ] \&  Cat
~ End SubFigureRow
~ End Figure
~ Figure { #LCUimage;  heigth:1000px;}
~~ Math
\begin{tikzpicture}[baseline= (a).base]
\node[scale=2,ampersand replacement=\&]  (a) at (0,0){
 \begin{tikzcd}[column sep=small, column sep=small]
              \mathcal{E} \arrow[d, "p" description] \arrow[dr, bend left,"\int", "\dashv"' ] \& \\
              \mathcal{B} \arrow[r, "id_{\mathcal{B}}"' ] \& \mathcal{B} \arrow[ul, "t" description]

jakeoung wrote Mar 29 at 7:44 AM

I am struggling with the similar problem..