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file dependencies in latex sections


When a latex section contains a reference to a file
~ Snippet
the webworker in charge of the compilation process does not seem to add it
to the latex compilation directory, so we have a
Error: document.mdk:15: ! LaTeX Error: File `images/golfer.eps' not fo
repro here :

This works if we compile through the command line though as the directory contains the file


daan wrote Mar 16 at 11:28 PM

Hi Nicholas -- apologies for the late reply; I am catching up :-)

You should include graphics via regular Markdown commands -- this makes it possible to show it correctly in HTML too. You can just drag&drop images into the editor and they will show up. Something like:
A butterfly: ![bfly].

[bfly]: images/butterfly-200.png "A Monarch" { width: 100px }
For eps, you should provide a png too for html output, and use something like:
[golfer]: images/golfer.[png,eps] { zoom: 0.25 }
(or perhaps transform-scale: 25%).