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adding documentation detail about syntax



This is a wrong syntax, but if you dont know why, it can be hard to spot.
NR           { color=blue; author=Nicolas before:"**NR**: " }
It would be nice to add to the (great documentation) some explicit instruction about the syntax of such blocks:
  • either you usekey:"blabla"; that is keyvalues pairs separated by ; with mandatory : and "" and ;
  • or you use key=value that is keyvalues pairs separated by space
in the example above, the error show up in latex in a "long" error message mentioning color blue;, where it is not be easy to spot the cause.


daan wrote Mar 16 at 11:29 PM

Ah, yes. Good catch -- I'll try to improve upon it; The "=" syntax is a bit of a left-over before Madoko supported proper CSS syntax :-)