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Cannot process anything from the command-line client


Hi there,

Firstly thanks for making madoko, I've used it successfully to write many school reports, and it has always worked well.

Until now. I've updated my system to Ubuntu 16.04 (from 14.04), now madoko doesn't seem to work at all. The only output I get is:

$ madoko -v main.mdk
process: main.mdk -> out/main.html

process: /usr/bin/madoko.mdk -> out/madoko.html
error: unable to read: /usr/bin/madoko.mdk

It is the same for any input file:

$ touch
$ madoko
error: unable to read: /usr/bin/madoko.mdk

I'm using version 1.1.2. I've tried downgrading up to 1.0.0, nothing works. My guess is that something broke (or changed) in one of the madoko dependencies.

Node is v6.10.3 (from PPA), but I've tried also the older version from the original Ubuntu package, the error is just the same.

Any suggestions?


pindorama wrote May 31 at 4:43 PM

My bad. It processes the file correctly, then throws the error trying to process its own executable.

Strange, but seems harmless.

nrolland wrote Jun 17 at 7:56 PM

same here