oauth failed

I tried to login Onedrive for a new document. After typing username and password, I got this /{"message":"Cannot read property 'url' of undefined","code":0,"httpCode":500}/ from https://www.m...

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Internal PDF links point to wrong destinations

I am using Madoko under Linux, with texlive 2017 (but the issue is present on 2015 too). Internal PDF links in generated documents are broken. For example, when clicking on "Figure x", the PDF re...

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adding documentation details about title page

Hi, I'd like to write a document in madoko but I need to do a title page and there is no entries about it in the reference manual. Is it possible to add it in the reference manual? Also an ex...

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There's no line

Hello everyone! I've got an error with madoko/latex when I've tried to generate a PDF from an example presentation. Lot's of them, actually. Cause: New presentation > generate PDF Description: ! ...

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Cannot process anything from the command-line client

Hi there, Firstly thanks for making madoko, I've used it successfully to write many school reports, and it has always worked well. Until now. I've updated my system to Ubuntu 16.04 (from 14.04)...

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PDF table of contents

Using a font to typeset sections h1,h2,h3,h4,h5 { font-family: Helvetica; font-weight: bold; } causes the generated file to have the name of the font in the PDF's table of contents. Note this ...

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Unbreakable hyphen

I would like to write a non-breaking hyphen. I tried the HTML code ‑. This seems to give the correct result in Madoko's HTML output, but in the PDF output, I get no hyphen at all. Is there a dif...

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Drop caps

Daan I wanted to use drop caps in a paragraph so inserted the following snippet: package: lettrine ~ Snippet \lettrine[lines=2, findent=0pt, nindent=0pt]{M}{adoko} is a fast markdown processor f...

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update npm

There was a new version released which apparently correct a few issues. If possible, it would be nice to update npm as well for running locally

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Error running Madoko locally

I get this error when I try to compile using Madoko locally: ❯ madoko -v ...

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