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some customized metadata collected in a mypresentation.mdk file to be included in the metadata using [INCLUDE=]

Dec 24, 2014 at 11:54 PM
I would like to have some customized metadata collected in a mypresentation.mdk file and include the file right below the line for the standard presentation.mdk file in the metadata. See below:

Content of mypresentation.mdk:
Beamer Theme  : singapore
logo : false
@nopreview Reveal Url: ./reveal.js

~Exercise     : label="@exercise" before="**Exercise &label;: **&br;"    
~Answer       : replace="[_See answer_]{.AnswerHeader}&nl;~Begin AnswerContent&nl;&source;&nl;~End AnswerContent&nl;" tight                
~AnswerContent: border-style=solid border-width=1px border-color=black padding=1ex tight
.AnswerHeader : color=blue

  .answercontent { display: none; }
  .print-paper .answercontent,
  .answerheader:hover ~ .answercontent,
  .answercontent:hover {
    display: block;
Title : Demo presentation in Madoko
Sub Title : In both HTML and PDF
Author : Daan Leijen
Affiliation : Microsoft Research
Email : Reveal Theme : sky
Beamer Theme : singapore

I tried ./mypresentation.mdk first, which did not work. So I started a local web server to make sure the online Madoko editor can get the mypresentation.mdk file. Still without success. No luck either if the line is included as the last line of the metadata. Neither the preview nor the output html is generated as intended.

Will appreciate any suggestion to make it work?
Dec 25, 2014 at 12:23 AM
Hi -- This should just work -- just don't give any fancy include directories, ie., just:
Then hover over the file name in the header bar and you will see all the included files -- and in this case "mypresentation.mdk" has magically appeared. Now click on that file and put in the content you need.

Hope this helps :-)
-- Daan

btw. I am working on fixing the trouble with .build vs. .fragmented and such; later I'll push an update (but now need to do christmas groceries :-) )