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Docx generation from Madoko Tex output ?

Sep 20, 2015 at 12:13 PM

Is it possible to generate docx or odt documents from the Madoko tex output ?

Starting from a simple Madoko document, I'm trying to use Pandoc to produce a docx file.
However, even if there is no error, the result is not correct (the styles seem not to be taken into account).

Using pandoc, I'm trying to include madoko.sty and css.sty files, but I can't produce any correct docx file.

I'm using :
  • Madoko, version 0.9.2-beta.
  • pandoc 1.13.2
I'm running :
madoko -v --tex
pandoc -H madoko.sty -H css.sty --from latex --to docx -o testTex.docx testTex.tex

The resulting docx document contains text like :