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Problem with title of work in references

Jan 15 at 12:26 AM
Edited Jan 15 at 12:29 AM
Hi everyone/Daan,

First of all I love Madoko and I've used it nearly every day for over a year now for everything from note taking to writing full fledged papers using English, Japanese, and Chinese. It doesn't seem to have garnered as much attention as it deserves yet, but please keep up the good work.

Anyway, there seems to be a bug with how Madoko processes citations. For whatever reason, instead of italicizing the title of the work, it simply surrounds it by underscores:

Here is an example PDF:

And the HTML:

Which were generated from the following MWE:
Csl Style   : chicago-note-bibliography.csl

Bibliography: Master_Bibliography.bib





With the following Bibliography file:
    address = {London},
    series = {Sacred books of the Buddhists},
    title = {The inception of discipline and the Vinaya nidāna: being a translation and edition of the Bāhiranidāna of Buddhaghosa's Samantapāsādikā, the Vinaya commentary},
    shorttitle = {The inception of discipline and the Vinaya nidāna},
    publisher = {Luzac},
    author = {{Buddhaghosa}},
    translator = {Jayawickrama, N. A.},
    year = {1962},
As you can see the title of the work is surrounded by underscores _ which it shouldn't be.

This only seems to be a problem in the inline notes, but not in the actual bibliography. Perhaps it is a problem with the Chicago Citation style. I tried other citation styles, but most of them don't render the title of the work at all it seems, which I need.

When I looked at the generated file ../out/Bibliography MWE-bib.bbl.mdk I found the following line that was perhaps the problem:
cite-label:"Buddhaghosa, \_The Inception of Discipline and the Vinaya Nidāna\_"
Not sure why the slashes are there before the underscore \_ it seems like it should just be an underscore _ ?

Thanks in advance,