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Creating Journal Template, Multiple Minor Issues

May 26 at 10:43 PM
I've recently become editor of a journal and am investigating the possibility of accepting submissions in Markdown or similar format.

Using madoko-local with the online service, I have used the "Import LaTex document" function to import the journal's existing LaTex style.

The results are encouraging enough that I think it would be worthwhile to try to work through several minor issues.

I've put the journals pdf instructions (which are generated with LaTex) and the madoko conversion here.

The first issue is the author block. In the madoko header, it is imported like this
Author      : [Author One]{font-size:large}&br;Institution of Author one&br;email.of@author.dom \and [Second Author]{font-size:large}&br;Affiliation&br;email@xx.xx  \and [Third Author]{font-size:large}&br;Affiliation&br;email@xx.xx
In addition to not rendering correctly, this causes LaTex to issue a "Missing } inserted" error. If I replace the RHS of the author line with "Me," the error disappears.

The second issue is the font. I imported the journal's .cls file, but while the journal font is "Nimbus," the madoko font is "LMMono" and "LMRoman".

Third is the placement and formatting of captions. The journal style requires Table captions above and Figure captions below, but madoko is placing all captions below, with an intervening line. Captions are also supposed to have a fixed width and be in a smaller font.

Finally, the references are numbered in the madoko output but not in the journal style.

Any guidance on the above would be appreciated. Also, any thoughts about the best way to handle the overall problem (accepting submissions in markdown or similar) would be appreciated.